Manage Your Digital Presence from One Place

Streamline your digital presence with one dashboard. Manage social media, reviews, and analytics easily. Save time, enhance visibility, grow your business.


This software is categorized as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool but has a lot more to offer.

Social Planner

Orchestrate all your business's social posts

Elevate your social media strategy with our Social Planner ,the ultimate tool for cohesive and consistent digital presence. Seamlessly integrate all key platforms—Google Business,Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter—into one easy-to-use interface. Schedule your posts in advance and ensure your message is always on point and on time.This feature not only saves precious hours but also amplifies your brand’s consistency across the digital landscape. By planning ahead, you can craft a deliberate, cohesive narrative that resonates with your audience, strengthens your brand identity, and drives engagement. Unlock the potential of effortless, impactful social media management and watch your business thrive.

Centralized Conversations

Never miss a new business opportunity​
Streamline your customer interactions with our unified conversation management feature. Every comment, message, and engagement from your diverse social media platforms—be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google Business—flows into one centralized hub. This innovation empowers any designated team member with the appropriate access to respond promptly and effectively, fostering meaningful connections with your audience. No more juggling multiple tabs or missing out on crucial customer interactions. Our platform simplifies communication, ensuring that every customer feels heard and valued. Enhance your team’s efficiency and elevate your customer service game, making every interaction an opportunity to impress and engage.

Email and SMS Digital Marketing

Reach your community with cohesive marketing tools​
Unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts with our platform’s advanced marketing tools. Craft compelling campaigns with ease using our customizable templates for SMS and Email, designed to engage your audience and drive conversions. Our intuitive interface allows you to seamlessly create and dispatch messages that resonate with your target market. Beyond sending, our platform offers detailed reporting on conversions, giving you valuable insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns. This feature empowers you to refine your strategies in real-time, ensuring your marketing efforts are not just reaching your audience but also converting them into loyal customers. Elevate your marketing game, optimize your campaigns, and witness tangible growth in your business outcomes.


Automate how your users flow through your business​
Elevate your operational efficiency with our platform’s sophisticated automation capabilities. Automate a myriad of internal actions based on user interactions, seamlessly integrating with our text messaging feature to trigger meaningful conversations. Whether it’s a follow-up message after a purchase, a reminder for an upcoming event, or personalized greetings, our automation tools ensure that your business stays connected with your audience in the most relevant and timely manner. This not only enhances customer engagement but also streamlines your communication processes, allowing your team to focus on strategic tasks while the platform takes care of the routine, yet crucial, interactions. Embrace the power of automation and transform your customer communication into an effortless, impactful dialogue that drives loyalty and growth.

Appointments Systems​

All of your appointments and calendar features that your need in one place
Revolutionize your appointment scheduling with our platform’s versatile appointment system. Designed to accommodate multiple calendars, it supports various types, including room, equipment, services, and classes, ensuring a seamless fit for your diverse business needs. This flexibility allows you to manage all your booking requirements in one place, from individual appointments to group classes or resource reservations. Integrating seamlessly with our automation system, this powerful combination enhances your ability to convert leads into satisfied customers. Automated reminders, follow-ups, and personalized messages linked to appointments ensure that your clients are engaged and informed at every step. This not only improves customer experience but also boosts efficiency, reducing no-shows and optimizing your resource utilization. Experience the synergy between advanced appointment scheduling and automation, and watch your business thrive through improved operational efficiency and elevated customer satisfaction.

Marketing Add-On Services

Campaign Execution

We'll manage your email, SMS, and ad campaigns for you.

Website Copy & Articles

We'll craft your copy and articles for you.

Social Media Management

We'll be in charge of your social media content. (We use AI to generate some of the content)

Development Add-On Services

Mobile App Development

If your customers need better more comprehensive integrations on the go.

Custom Site Development

If your business needs a more robust website

Custom Web App

If your customers need better more comprehensive integrations on the web.

Digital Design Add-On Services

Mobile App Design

If your customers need better more comprehensive integrations on the web.

Custom Site Design

If templates are not enough for you.

Campaign Assets

Keep your brand consistent with professional assets made just for your business.

Marketing Community

Ethos: Our Approach at CoreUX

At CoreUX, the essence of our name reflects our ethos: User Experience (UX) is at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment transcends beyond the end-user experience to encompass your journey as a business owner, our team’s dedication in bringing your projects to life, and the lasting impression your customers hold.

We delve deep into understanding the customer lifecycle within your business – from initial contact to loyal fan. By identifying key customer pathways, we not only grasp how leads transform into dedicated customers but also pinpoint opportunities for automation. This strategic approach enables you and your team to concentrate on the essence of your business, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and every experience, impactful.

At CoreUX, we’re more than a software agency; we’re your partner in sculpting exceptional experiences. Let’s focus together on what truly matters – creating memorable connections at every touchpoint.

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